My Story

In the beginning

In 2016 I ventured into business. And for 5 years as a business person, I struggled to stay afloat in business despite my education in business administration and marketing. Getting a consistent stream of clients was a difficult task and the ones that came through our doors were not staying. I was constantly broke and barely scratching the surface of the potential that I believed I had and would even close some businesses that I had started.

The Defining Moment

At some point, 3 years into self-employment, I was at my lowest. I was broke, frustrated, felt like a loser, and even started doubting myself.  Fear of failure gripped me. At that very moment, all I needed was for someone to believe in me, for I knew I was good at what I did. I was tired of chasing after customers.

Inspired by the memory of my grandmother I realized if didn’t change how I was doing things; the results would not change. So, I began a journey of unlearning and relearning about business and myself as a human being.

It is during that journey that I came across branding and as I dug deeper, I learned that businesses fail or soar like eagles on the basis of their brand. That the brand is the heart and soul of a business.

What is happening now

After I had learned as much as I could, I started applying the concepts that I had picked. Interestingly, I noticed things were changing for the better. I was getting better results for my clients. I was able to produce wins for my clients by applying branding concepts.

Since then, much like elders in society, I resolved to offer myself as a vessel to help others in similar situations to find people who believe in them- their tribe; and be able to attract and not chase after opportunities.

The Brand elder is born

The future

I started the Brand Elder Brand, with a desire that my interaction with emerging leaders and start-up entrepreneurs will cause them to find people who share the same beliefs and passions so that together, they can create impact-Magic.

Ready to build your brand?