Why You Need a Personal Brand

Just like on a dead tree there are no monkeys, no opportunities perch on a dead brand.

By nature, human beings are group animals and are hardwired for social hierarchies. We value and want higher status from our peers. The need to be influential and create an impact around us is a powerful force that drives our behavior. We all strive to rise to the highest echelons of society and be recognized by our peers.

Everyone, through digital platforms, seems to have a voice and wants to be heard. The scramble for attention and influence is now at an all-time high. People who were unknown a few years ago are now celebrities and influencers thanks to social media.

The challenge, therefore, is how you stand out from the crowd. How do you get ahead of the line in pursuit of career and business opportunities in a world that has an overload of information and attention-seeking merchants?

In fact, the million-dollar question now is, how do you get your voice to soar above the others and the noise around you? How do you build connections and engagements that help you to advance your goals in life?

The answer is simple but complex in execution: Build a personal brand. A personal brand is your image and reputation. It is the sum total of whom you are as perceived by others, whether negative or positive.

A strong personal brand tells us who they are and not just what they do or what their job title is. This authenticity is something that people need more than ever before.

A personal brand is perhaps most important today because:

  1. It helps you to stand out and get noticed.
  2. Enhances trust and credibility.
  3. Advances your opportunities for career and business growth.
  4. A strong personal brand enhances your influence.

But I must also warn you that building your personal brand is not easy, it is like wrestling an octopus, but I can assure you that when your brand wins you opportunities, the effort and investment in building a strong personal brand is worth the while.

Whatever you do, DO NOT LET YOUR BRAND STAY UNATTENDED, for a brand is like a fire, it goes out when unattended.

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